Case Studies

In-Building Services

#1 Hurricane Michael Recovery:
Verizon Relies on EMEGC to Restore Connectivity

In October 2018, Hurricane Michael was the first Category 5 hurricane on record to hit the Florida Panhandle, devastating more than 100 Verizon sites and leaving only two active Verizon sites in the region. Immediately, Verizon contacted EMEGC directly to restore signals.

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EMEGC was the first telecommunications contractor Verizon deployed for post-Hurricane Michael wireless restoration services. EMEGC had technicians on sites within 6 hours of the roads being cleared.

Addressing critical sites first, EMEGC restored network service for the Bay County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) which serves the region’s first responders. Working continuously for three weeks, seven days a week, EMEGC, restored wireless service at over 30 Verizon sites, including other EOC’s, hospitals, schools, sheriff’s offices, community shelters, and other critical locations.

EMEGC is Verizon’s go-to telecommunications contractor in Florida to get the job done right when emergencies happen. For over 20 years, reliability and responsiveness is our reputation.

#2 Connecting Verizon with Super Bowl LIV, 2020, Miami

In preparation for Super Bowl LIV, 2020 in Miami, EMEGC is Verizon’s preferred technical advisor charged with helping to connect the Super Bowl at more than 50 venues along Miami Beach and South Beach, including restaurants, bars, and hotels.

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With more than 25 years of experience with distributed antenna systems (DAS), Verizon is relying on EMEGC to make sure the venues are online for the big game in 2020. EMEGC will be bringing this experience to Tampa for the 2021 Super Bowl LV.

#3 Verizon Recommends EMEGC to Baptist Health

When it comes to distributed antenna systems (DAS), Verizon highly recommends EMEGC to its clients for proven expertise and experience. That’s why Baptist Health in Jacksonville, Florida, hired EMEGC as a consultant to oversee and authorize DAS-related projects.

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With five hospitals and the largest network of physician offices in Northeast Florida, Baptist Health depends on EMEGC for reliable, mission-critical connectivity.

  • EMEGC was the only contractor to fully implement a 24/7/365 Maintenance and Monitoring program for Baptist.
  • As the exclusive DAS installer, EMEGC is in the process of transforming/upgrading all of Baptist’s DAS systems.
  • On Baptist’s behalf, EMEGC is also negotiating carrier coordination for signal sources.

Tower and Rooftop Services

#1 Creative Problem Solving Gets the Job Done, On Time and On Budget

“At EMEGC, keeping a project on schedule and on budget often requires creative thinking and problem solving.”

For example, during storm recovery efforts several years ago, there were delays in transporting critical generators from Louisiana to Florida. The generator was immediately needed to proceed with signal restoration efforts. Time was a crucial issue.

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For the EMEGC team to travel from Florida to Louisiana and back would have required more manpower, time, and money than we could afford given the urgency of the storm recovery timelines and commitments.

Instead, we searched for a Louisiana trucking company that would coordinate with the warehouse where the generators were stored and provide pick up and transport services. Fortunately, we located a company that was willing to take the assignment immediately and deliver the generator without delay to Florida.

“You never know when you need to be resourceful to solve a technical, scheduling, or construction problem, but we’re ready.” Don Emerson, Project Manager

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