We design and install telecommunications systems—on time and on budget—for wireless carriers, municipalities, building owners and property managers of public and private facilities.

With over 25 years of wireless industry experience, you can rely on EMEGC to get the job done “as specified” without delays or cost overruns.

As a hands-on pioneer in the industry, we take pride in improving the capacity, speed and quality of wireless systems. Our team of experienced project managers, engineers and technicians understand the intricacies of buildings and what it takes to install and maintain dependable wireless systems.

We uphold meticulous iBwave design, installation, and safety standards at all times.

With our consultative and collaborative approach, we are a trusted partner, keeping our clients and their customers connected reliably and affordably. We know your business and reputation depend on it, so does ours.

5G technology is here

5G is going to give businesses huge advantages in latency, speed, capacity, coverage and density for a variety of wireless applications. As 5G rolls out, we’re ready to help you understand what to expect from the new technology and make the transition seamlessly for greater connectivity.

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

We specialize in designing, installing, and upgrading reliable neutral host distributed antenna systems (DAS)
to ensure better connectivity, indoors and outdoors, 24-7-365. We help our clients make the right decisions
to meet their wireless needs now and in the future.

Our Process

In-Building Design
Communication Process



Create Budgetary estimate for client Rough Order of Magnitude Bill of Materials (ROM BOM)


Benchmarking—Site Survey and Needs Assessment

To assess signal strength throughout the facility, measuring hundreds of data points


Development & Design

Conducted by in-house engineers using iBwave software, site readings, and heat maps.


Installation & System Integration

Commissioning/testing of the system for optimum performance and reliability to meet carrier expectations


Coordinating with Wireless Carriers

Advocating on your behalf for carrier participation


Post-installation DAS Maintenance & Monitoring

Ensuring DAS integrity and reliable operations 24/7/365


Existing DAS System Upgrades

Taking connectivity to the next level for reliable communications

Check out the Wireless Carriers, OEM’s and Trade Associations we serve.

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Design/Build Expertise

At EMEGC, we work with our clients collaboratively to design and build wireless solutions to best meet their communication needs now and expand in the future. Whether it’s a new facility or upgrading an existing system, we specialize in providing:

Wireless System Upgrades & Maintenance

Keeping up with the changing demands of your organization’s communications infrastructure to integrate the latest, evolving technologies.

Life Safety/Public Safety – Emergency Responder Systems

Designing and installing wireless communications service in buildings and outdoors for emergency responders, including police, fire, and emergency medical personnel to protect people and property during emergency and disaster events.

Small Cells

Providing LTE coverage and capacity for voice and data wireless coverage and enhanced user experience.

Construction Management

Overseeing large and small telecommunications projects from beginning to end, including planning, design, development, coordination, installation, and commissioning/testing.

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